The most flattering look for any woman is to flatter the fabulous, forgive the flaws and appear balance or proportioned well. When we do not have naturally balanced proportions, we can create the illusion through clothing styles and accessories. When dressing for different body shapes, an apple shape is generally described as having fullness in the mid-section, with no defined waist. However, whatever body shape category you fall into, apple, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, or hourglass, there may be times that there is a problem with the pooch.  The truth is, as we age, this becomes the number one area that pounds like to settle.
To camouflage fullness in the middle, try styles that create definition and elongate the body. Don't cover up too much. I know that sounds wrong, but you want to avoid baggy, bulky clothes with no definition, which can give an appearance of added bulk to your shape.
The following tips may not replace your workout routine, but these styles will do some of the work for you:
      1. Semi-fitted jackets: They nip in at the waist creating a waistline. A natural shoulder pad creates more space between the shoulder and waistline-elongating the mid-section. Wearing the jacket open creates a slenderizing vertical band of color underneath.  Shawls or wraps can also be worn open to create the same effect.
      2. Avoid full or billowy sleeves:  They add bulk across the upper body. Opt for a more streamlined sleeve or a sleeve that flares near the wristband.
      3. Avoid boxy tops or jackets: Avoid any that add width and cut you off at the middle. Try to choose tops/jackets that elongate and end at the hip.
      4. Pants: Pants should be slightly fitted (not baggy) in a boot-cut or straight trouser style. A longer pant elongates the leg rather than a cropped pant. Stick with a flat front rather than pleats or gathers. The waistband should fall across the mid-stomach, to bi-sect the bulge. If the waistband is too high the stomach will protrude, if it's too low the stomach will hang over.
      5. Dresses in a A-line or Empire style: They will help create a waist by fitting close near the upper ribcage, than gently flaring over the stomach area. Avoid clingy fabrics. Rouching or gathers pulled to one side also camouflage the mid-section very well.
      6. Jackets with narrow lapels: Blouses or tops with vertical details or patterns, can appear to elongate and slim the mid-section. Jackets with a high-set armhole will de-emphasize and slenderize a  broad upper torso.V-necklines: Instantly takes bulk off the upper torso, avoid crew necks and opt for open necklines.Un-tucked tops: They are slightly form fitting, that skim over the body(as opposed to oversized tops)
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
Accessories have remarkable fashion power, with the ability to transform any outfit. Use your accessories to draw attention to your favorite assets, re-directing focus from elsewhere! No one will notice a bulge when they can't take their eyes off your fabulous handbag, gorgeous earrings, or stylish sunglasses! Best of all- there is no fitting room required when shopping for accessories, and they always fit. Have fun adding flare to your wardrobe!